Rockholla was the name of an imaginary dog friend I had when I was five or so.  Shusinkta was his brother.  They were both German Shepherds.  Jonsy was their owner and drove a beat-up, red pickup truck.  I really only remember their names and a hazy vision of the three riding down Atlanta Rd. together.

The main objective of isn’t anything new. I just want it to be a place that might provide something helpful or useful to someone.  One day I realized that my work has been made easier and of better quality on countless occasions over the years thanks to the help of others, specifically online.  It’s about time I start putting in something of worth rather than just taking out. So here we are.  Or here I am at least. I’ll most likely post some things just so I can remember.

My name is Patrick and I’m currently working in NYC as a software developer. I also play music and occasionally provide a little colorful audio backing for theater, film, and the likes. It’s all just an effort to make it to outer space before I die though. OK, that’s it.


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