I’ve been inspired by the handful of advertisements on my way to work this morning:

Shipping Dance Mom Wars
Moms Who Wear Brooches
Moms Who Wear Wristwatches
Little Baby Brothers
Little Baby Brothers and Poopy Pants
Farty Poopy, Poopy Farty
Jim’s Hand is a Hand
Shit-talking Dads
Dads Who Talk Trash
Dads Who Take the Trash Out in the Morning and Do the Dishes because the Moms Make the Meals
Blah-blah blah-blah, Blah-blah blah-BLAH!

Any others? This is fun and is sure to be useful and meaningful to us all.


7 Responses to Some Reality TV Show Names to Pitch

  1. Chris Dary says:

    Step 1. Go here: http://www.beetleinabox.com/mkv_input.html

    Step 2. Paste this: http://pastie.org/3166554

    Step 3. Kids and Counting A Conception Story

  2. Pete says:

    30 Rock pretty much hit the nail on the head with “MILF Island.”

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