Phew, now that we’ve gotten that title out of the way…

If you’re like me, you still hold on to the instinct of slamming the phone down to end a conversation that’s upsetting. That instinct, however, doesn’t work out too well when you bring smartphones into the equation. Smartphones for dumb people prove problematic. I am dumb, I always say.

OK, OK, enough of that, let’s be mature, not so self-deprecating, not harp on the mistakes we’ve made, rather try to figure out how we proceed from here. Moving forward, I can’t even end the call after slamming the phone down and breaking the LCD screen because I can’t see shit. “Patrick….Patrick….are you there?” Yikes, backfire. Wait for the hangup. OK, there it is. Vibrate, vibrate. Clearly some textual retorts are coming in from my lovely, temporary adversary. What could they possibly be? Will I ever know? I HAVE to know what they are, but how?

It all might have been a little easier if I had in fact rooted the phone in my unsuccessful attempts a few days earlier, when I wasn’t blind. But alas, the truth must be accepted: I am dumb…ah, I mean I must find a way to get the SMS messages from my phone without rooting and/or while being blind.

By the way, I just wanted to take a moment to apologize to all of those blind people out there, because I know I’m kinda belittling your condition. I’m certainly not meaning to do such a…oh wait, I don’t think this blog is properly accessible anyway.

I know, get to the point. Assuming you still have touchscreen capability, albeit blindly, you can do the following:

  1. Download and install the Android SDK and make sure you can access your phone via ADB upon plugging it in via USB: adb shell.
  2. Root your device using this method. I found booting into Charge Mode initially was unnecessary in my case.
  3. Voil√†, you’re rooted when you run adb shell again. Now, you can run adb pull /data/data/ ~/Desktop/ to download your messages to your desktop.

Download The SQLite Browser and use it to open the mmssms.db file. You can navigate to the SMS table, browse your most-recent messages, and get up-to-date on the damaging comments that your loved ones or otherwise have sent to you since your phone’s screen met with its untimely death by the hand of rash stupidity.

If you want to import these messages back into a new phone, I leave that up to you. My journey ends here, because what I’ve read I’d like to keep in a temporary directory.

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2 Responses to Recover Text Messages from a DROID X Running Android 2.3 with a Broken Screen on Mac OSX

  1. Portly Porterhouse says:

    Wow, Rockholla. You sound like a jerk.

  2. pete says:

    but how can you recover cakey cookies after they’ve been eaten?

    look in the toilet, my friend.

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